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“Brand Wars: Sith Overlord” - Black hoody in men's 2XL ONLY

$75.00 / Sold Out

No longer in supply sorry.


A very limited & unique run of 5 men's 2XL heavy weight hoodies. This hoody features an embroidered grey/silver “Brand Wars” emblem on the front, with the main grey/silver (hint of lilac) design positioned strategically on the back below the hood in its down state.

Our other regular hoodies are 350 GSM in weight (80% Cotton & 20% Poly) but these, which we nicknamed our “Overlord” hoodies, are a heavy 500 GSM (95% Cotton & 5% Poly)! They also have the meanest looking metal double zipper and some tough external stitching detail.

Able to withstand the cold void of space and deflect glancing blaster fire* only the most powerful and larger Sith Lords need bother to purchase these.

* In my mind ;-)

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